Aspen Ridge Labradoodles

Aspen Ridge Labradoodles
Larissa Kuiper
514 Robbins Range Rd.
Kamloops BC V2C6W1
Phone: 250-320-4652

We raise F1 and F1B Labradoodles. The adorable Labradoodle breed won our hearts because of their warm, intelligent, and loving temperament! This breed is one of the most suitable dogs for the family environment that we have come across. They are very friendly, gentle with children, incredibly social, eager to learn, easily trained and non-aggressive. They love to sit at your feet, cuddle in your arms, go on a hike, swim or join your camping adventures. They are loyal companion-oriented dogs and tend to focus more on people than surroundings. Proper care and exercise will produce a companion dog able to follow your mood and be mellow or energetic as the occasion determines. Labradoodles are cheerful, comical dogs who provide an abundance of joy. Check out our website for puppy’s available.