Alapaha Connection Kennels

Alapaha Connection Kennels
Channa and Jesse Kelly
San Diego CA
Phone: 619-468-0012

We are a licensed kennel (Certificate Number:
2007030515), which means that we are
registered with the County of San Diego and that
Animal Control inspects our kennel every half
year and/or randomly, to make sure that our
facilities and Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are in
good condition. In addition, we are accredited by
the Better Business Buro. Our opinion is that
responsible breeders and owners should have
some idea and knowledge, as to what
combinations produce the best in performance
and quality, and continue to strive to improve
upon their stock, through informed breeding.
Informed breeding consists of having a five-
generation pedigree on all Alapaha Blue Blood
Bulldogs in our yard and knowing about the breed
and the original standard Lana Lou Lane