Brunskill’s Mini Aussies

Brunskill’s Mini Aussies
Teri Brunskill
PO Box 341
New Underwood SD 57761
Phone: 605-209-3709

We are a small family owned hobby breeder of Miniature Australian Shepherds. We are fully dedicated to the improvement, protection, and preservation of this wonderful breed. We are working to produce puppies that are the best representation of the standard size Aussies but in the smaller size by selecting dogs with traits that are defined by our breed standard. We raise a minimum number of mini aussies a year. We take pride in raising quality companions. Our small breeding program includes testing our dogs for any known genetic defects for which there are tests available. This helps us make responsible and wise mating decisions and each mating is done with careful consideration. All of our pups are raised in our home, they are friendly, loyal and intelligent. NAMASCUSA/MASCA