Dreamland’s Marvelous Mi-Kis

Dreamland’s Marvelous Mi-Kis
BJ King DiGigorio Howarth
Middletown NJ 07748
Phone: 732-610-1938
E-Mail: DreamlandsMarvelousMiKis@gmail.com

We are a family of hobby breeders in New Jersey that breed our pet Yorkies, Morkies and now Mi-Kis. We are in the process of developing our foundation Mi-kis and hope to be offering some very colorful puppies to the public in the near future. Since there is no restriction on color for the Mi-kis, we will let our abilities in genetic color coding run wild. We’ll be selling our Mi-ki puppies for pet purposes only and they will be priced between 800.00 to 1,500 depending on the looks and quality of the individual puppy.