Judit Beke
64/A Csalogany street
Eger Hungary 3300
Phone: 00 36 20 500 8323

I am Judit Beke from Hungary. I am a professional Golden retriever breeder, groomer and FCI breed specialist judge.
My main aim is to breed super, high-quality Golden retrievers from the best and the most healthy bloodlines.
I have English import dogs, and unique bloodlines in my breeding. They are both healthy, good-working and beautiful, winner Golden retrievers. Please check our website and meet us. Show-quality puppies and youngsters are sometimes available and our studs are available for breeding.

New Puppies Available

Responses (2)

  1. Kathleen
    December 10, 2014 at 10:23 am ·

    This breeder is a scam artist. We purchased a young adult from this kennel in April of 2014. After this breeder received our bank wire of funds for the dog which was $6100 US dollars, she began using many excuses as to why she could not ship the dog. After she promised he would be shipped the week she accepted the funds. Then It was brought to our attention that weeks after she received our wire of funds for the dog, she kept him back to use him for breeding. She bred him to 2 different bitch dogs and never asked our permission to do so. We were not shipped the dog until one month after sending her the funds. When the dog arrived, not only was he “not” the dog we were promised, he is also infertile, thin, and has health conditions. All “noted” by our veterinarian. This seller is supposed to a a so called “reputable” show judge. This seller is a scam artist, and we have all the emails to prove such statement. Beware of this seller: Also……….it took her 4 months to provide us with the Export pedigree on the dog we purchased.

  2. Tara
    January 27, 2015 at 8:01 pm ·

    We would not suggest this breeder in Eager Hungary at all. She claims to be a professional FCI Show Judge and on her website claims “Where Passion Meets Professionalism”. This is far from truthful. Mrs Judit Beke is a very dishonest person with a very dirty mouth, using vulgar language to us. When we advised Mrs Beke that the dog she sold to us for a lot of money was unhealthy, and backed it with letters by our vet. Mrs Judit Beke did not offer any guarantee/warranty on the dog. She merely told us that she was “Known world wide” and is a well respected FCI Show Judge, and that no one would ever believe our story. The dog she has sold to us is unhealthy and we have vet documents to prove it. This is a horrible breeder who does not show any respect for her clients once she is handed money. Buyer’s BEWARE=–Look to someone reputable. She surely is not. Thank you ~

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