Mapleleaf Goldens

Mapleleaf Goldens
Donna Gotzian
3019 Bayshore Drive
Bacliff, TX 77518
Phone: 6128407875

Exquisite Breeder of AKC English Golden Retriever Puppies. Our dogs are first and foremost treasured family members, raised in the home, sleep in our bed, travel with us and part of our everyday living. Our dogs and puppies are never kenneled or left outside. They have phenomenal pedigrees with International, National, and World champions within their linage, premier show quality, and direct imports from some of the finest kennels in Europe.
I strive to produce puppies that excel in health, temperament, beauty, intelligence, are structurally sound, and adhere to AKC standards. Our puppies are always raised in our home, are part of our family to implement early bonding, socialization, early neurological stimulation, obedience, and are potty trained to go outside when they leave to their forever homes. I put forth a tremendous amount of time and effort into rearing and raising each puppy and their parents: in regards to the best nutrition by providing only premium foods: In turn, they will be a part of our family and your family for many, many, many years to come.
Our parents have all health clearances and DNA testing for Golden Retrievers completed: OFA Hips, Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Thyroid, Dentition, PRA-PRCD, PRA 1, PRA 2, Ichthyosis, Degenerative Myelopathy, Muscular Dystrophy, Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy, neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinoses (NCL), over 200 DNA Genetic testings, Patella, and PennHip: with all clearances normal and clear of any genetic diseases or problems. Our main focus and goal in breeding is on "the Quality not the Quantity " of puppies produced each year.

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