Jasmin’s Satrs Chihuahua

Jasmin’s Satrs Chihuahua
Yasemin sesli
bahçeli evler mah.serpinti sok.no:21 (dükkan )
İstanbul, Turkey 81480
Phone: +00 (539) 512 79 75
E-Mail: usesli@yandex.com

Jasmin’s Stars Chihuahua’s vision is to remove the Chihuahua breed standard to the highest level in Turkey. The dogs of the Jasmin’s Stars Chihuahua family are from the world’s best producers of chihuahua and are carefully trained and raised under professional conditions. All dogs have proven themselves in pre-production in Turkey and international shows. After 3 years of infrastructure building process in 2017 began to receive the first offspring. All breed dogs are registered with A Class Genealogy (Purebred), Microchip and (FCI) World Dog Federation.