Makulu Laanie Boerboele

Makulu Laanie Boerboele
Karen Oosthuizen
Bloemfontein, South Africa 9300

Our boerboels are part of our family and are not kennels dogs. They are our kid’s best friends and even better guardians.

We are proud members of SABBS and all our Boerboels are registered at SABBS. We strive to breed according to the original Boerboel breed standard. We also run a board called Boerboel Enthusiast where enthusiasts share their daily stories, questions and photo’s with other Boerboel Enthusiasts.

Boerboels has always been part of our lives and once you own a Boerboel you will never look back. They are strong, powerful protectors and will protect you with their lives. They are the best guard dogs and family pets rolled into one. With all the power they possess they are just as gentle, loving and caring. We pride ourselves on our Boerboels temperaments.

Remember, with grate power comes great responsibility. They have the power you have the responsibility!

Boerboels truly are mans best friend!

Karen an Neels Oosthuizen.
Makulu Laanie Boerboele, Temperament, balance and beauty, quality through blood lines!