Sugar Pine Doodles

Sugar Pine Doodles
Jeannine C
Pioneer CA

Sugar Pine Doodles is a small in home breeder located in Amador County, California (about two hours from the Bay Area). We LOVE our Doodles and raise them for our families to have a healthy, well adjusted, trainable, therapy & service dogs, non-shedding, amazing family member. We love our dogs to be capable of notifying us if someone is snooping around our home so we do value a good “watch-doodle”. We are very transparent with a facebook ad, website, yelp listing, and we offer a minimum 2 year guarantee to an 8…yes EIGHT year guarantee when you feed your doodle Life’s Abundance, US made, never a recall, healthy pet food that is super affordable, and delivered right to your front door. We not only health test our doodles, they also live in our home, they sleep in our bedroom at night, and they snack on fruits and veggies with us. Our doodles come with vaccinations, deworming, vet exam paperwork, crate, bedding, collar, leash, Life’s Abundance Puppy Pack, nail clippers, brush, chew treats, blanket with Mom’s scent, Puppy resources, membership to our private facebook group with access to all our Doodle families for puppy playdates and new friendship, and our 24/7 support forever with your doodle. Australian Labradoodles are an investment for your family and we stand behind our babies.

Our doodles have been socialized from birth with our family, friends and neighbors of all ages. They have also been raised around our cats and chickens.