Denise Smith

Denise Smith
6925 Liberty Rd
Solon Ohio 44139
Phone: 440-498-9642

we are a small hobby breeder. Breeding is all natural. Sire and dam are members of my family. They are loved and treated with utmost respect as I expect all animals to be treated. They are gentle loving , attentive and protective dogs. Puppies are whelped and raised in my home and cared for with love and TLC. The litter is truly a blessed event in my home. Vet costs when needed are gladly met.

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  1. sara watkins
    January 6, 2022 at 12:16 pm ·

    Dear Friends, I tried to send this before but kept getting bumped off . Eleven years ago (August 2010) we purchased a standard poodle puppy from you. She was all black like her father Ajax, whom we met. Her mother was killed the day before we visited. I’d like to say that we chose Prudence, but the truth is, she chose us. She brought us much joy and laughter. She was there as we welcomed new dogs into our neighborhood and was there as we welcomed 2 granddaughters. She was very protective of those little babies. She was every bit a lady and we loved her dearly. We had to say goodbye to this wonderful lady on Tuesday. We will always cherish her memory. I want to thank you for bringing her into our world.

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