Von Beaverden’s German Rottweilers

VON Beaverden’s German Rottweilers
151 Crooked Creek Dr.
Burgaw NC 28425
Phone: 910-259-0497
Fax: 910-233-4463

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  1. Dr. Luther
    June 29, 2009 at 8:46 pm ·

    Don’t do it….stay away from this kennel. Not a reputable kennel.

  2. Lisa
    October 7, 2009 at 9:40 am ·

    This is not a code of ethics breeder, and does not have the hips OFA’d her website always saids pending, but never any certs. I have known her to breed her Waylon dog knowing from the beginning when she bought him, he had bad hips and elbows.

  3. FRED
    February 24, 2010 at 2:58 pm ·


  4. George
    March 31, 2010 at 10:24 pm ·

    Stay away. Do not do buisness with this kennel. Also known as ncrotts, ncrottnpins, and nc minpins. No OFA’s on adults, breeds female as soon as they are in season. Dont let her tell you it was an accident that they were breed it only another lie. Please stay away. There are to many great breeders out there with better quality dog than them for a better price. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN.

  5. Goerge
    June 16, 2010 at 8:17 pm ·

    I see your still breeding your female with no OFA’s. Your never going to change. It all about how much money you can put in your pocket regardless of what should be done to the dogs. Look at your current breeding Akeea, lady lynn, and zipporah. All being bred with no OFA’s. My advice to all the people out there stayy far away

  6. Goerge
    July 13, 2010 at 11:03 pm ·

    See your running again by changing website address again. Here are the newest websites. For anyone looking her.


  7. Melissa
    July 16, 2010 at 2:59 pm ·

    I am so glad that people are seeing this lady for who and what she really is. She is the most dishonest person I have ever met. She does breed the females at 8 months old, and that is dispicable. They are only babies at that age. Do not do business with this person, she is a scam.

  8. Casey
    July 24, 2010 at 9:57 pm ·

    She contacted a friend of mine the other day and was wanting to trade pups with her. I’m glad I found this. There will be no business done with her! She’s posting all of her pups on puppyfind.com. FYI- you can leave positive or negative feedback on the puppy sellers there. 🙂

  9. Von Beaverden
    July 26, 2010 at 7:41 pm ·

    This is so Funny, We have never met any of these ppl, and none of there e-mails go back to anyone,because they are cowards, There are two ppl that we have had bad business with in the last 10 years..and they will not even give there info, they would rather bad mouth than go face to face…We will be breeding as long as we are alive and the more they talk the better things get…Oh BTW had to change website from being scamed from another so Called friend…If you know Rottweilers then you other Rotty breeders know There are no TRUE friends in the business, Other wise who ever posted this why don’t you give us a call sometime 910-805-1897 if you have the nerve other than that prove your self! Thanks for all of the publicity we are loving it. Those who know us know these things are not true….Funny thing is if these are breeders that are saying these things they are the ones doing it and want to point fingers?? …Never bred a dog @ 8 months..that one is real funny ….OH wait , I do know one of the ppl on here FRED as you call yourself….You mentioned you have a nice dog but bad breeder..sounds like a trouble maker to me..All the more you talk …all the more Rottweilers find better homes..Until you have proof you should not run your mouth about others it really makes you look bad!

  10. Von Beaverden
    July 26, 2010 at 7:45 pm ·

    FYI, I have no puppys on Puppy Find…Don’t need to , Our Rottweiler sell them selves…All pups at this time are sold, please check back with us in the NEAR future, Oh and Again, OUR KENNEL NAME HAS NOT CHANGED AND NEVER WILL..Only the website Because we in trusted in someone and got SCAMMED..so because it was part of someone else we had to change the website name..Good luck to those ppl on here who ever you are , You haev Pick the WRONG BREEDER to F WITH, P.S.S. PASTED AKC inspection and certified Kennel now, I’ll bet not many of you can say that now can you ??? 7/30/10

  11. Gina & Eddie
    July 28, 2010 at 3:37 pm ·

    I just discovered this posting- I got to say SHAME on you all. My husband and I have meet the breeders and the DOGS, the breeders live in a lovely home. The dogs Aakee, lady, and Sunday not to mention the mini pins are ALL very well breed and cared for. The rott’s were pregnant at the time and So happy they were acting like big labs just wanting to kiss us and sit on my lap Aakee is about 125pds lady about 115pds they were so beautiful nice coat great teeth. And Friendly, friendly, friendly!!! That’s what I want to see in a Rotti. The min’s will I am a big dog lover but they were also well cared for. If you have not meet these breeders in person then leave your negative comments out of sight it is shame full what your doing. If I had not met these breeders back in April of 2010 then I might have fallen for your crap of lies. What has been said above its NOT true. If any one wants more personal insight in this breeder feel free to e-mail me. (I am not personal involved with the breeders but I have gotten the must precious rotti pup from them and have never been so pleased!) and YES I would HIGHLY recommend this BREEDER!

    Gina & Ed R from NC

  12. Von Beaverden
    July 28, 2010 at 4:28 pm ·

    Thanks Gina, I am going to get everyone who has purchased one of our dogs to post on here as these ppl are outta there minds.. If ANYONE wants to see my dogs and how they are raised PLEASE feel Free to come and VISIT BEFORE YOU BUY..I Promise you you Will not find any Better bred German Rottweilers or Miniature Pinschers..Seeing is believing …910-805-1897

  13. Gina from NC
    July 29, 2010 at 5:13 pm ·

    For some reason I could not stop thinking about this slander of posting. So I am back to write more.
    First I would like to say before I made my arrangements to purchase our pup from this breeder I DID MY HOMEWORK, BELIEVE ME I SPOKE WITH 3 OTHER BREEDER as far away as 3 ½ hrs from my home, (FYI-Carolina County is about 2 1.2 hrs from my home) I was also considering a breeder that is ONLY 45 minutes away price was the same. I chose to use this kennel not because of price, distance, but because of the DOGS! They are GERGOUS, any way I spoke to all these breeders I narrowed it down to 2, one about 3 hrs away and Christina about 2 ½ hrs I spoke to them both asking all my questions getting all my answers INCLUDING about the OFA which by the way she DID NOT LIE to me she told me that At the time the mother dog had not been tested I weighed out my thoughts and decided I needed to see the dogs. I called and made an appointment even though we asked for a last minute home visit she was very professional and accommodated us. My husband and I drove over 2 hrs to the kennel, When I saw the mother dog my heart stop1 she was a beauty, Her Black coat shined as if it was glossed, her eyes big and bright, her teeth which believe me I checked, I went right up to this 125pd dog opened her mouth and SHE LET ME, loll her teeth were great, her body was well formed excellent shape! And to top it off she was very very playful, I loved it. The breeders then brought out some of there other dogs and once again I saw the same thing all dogs I mean ALL of the dogs were well cared for and very gentle. She obviously puts the time in to socialize these dogs, Oh, by the way did I mention when the female has conceived they LIVE IN DOORS, and SO do the puppies until they have been delivered or picked up. So for Fred’s comment as the worst breeder he has seen well, Fred is she is the worst breeder who or what kid of people do you normally hang out with? And for Melissa that said she breeds her females when there 8months old, well, the dogs pedigrees are listed on that sheet of paper shows whelped date, and birth date of the dog DO YOUR MATH, Akeea was NOT 8 months old when she first whelped! And for you George your comment saying she’s running again by changing website address again you make me laugh you got to be so self centered-or just plain STUPID Do you think here business revolves around YOU! She is a public business woman she WANTS to be found! And last Dr. Luther your comment is strong yet you provide NO details to back your words, Have some respect if you’re going to make such a bold com men t then at least give the readers a reason why!
    Ok I have said my peace and once again I will say I am so happy I choose this kennel and these breeders they have been fantastic from day one. She gives one on one guidance when needed she has delivered me a puppy that can when shows for looks, obedience & CHARM we love our Rotti, I would recommend this kennel 101 TIMES! A++++

  14. Melissa
    August 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm ·

    FYI, this isn’t the first time she has bred Akeea, DuH!!!!!Call AKC and find out when Akeea had her first litter of puppies. She has bred a male dog with bad hips and knew that they were bad. Check the BBB out on her.
    She will never have a dog OFA’d and saids that it is a very slim chance that the puppies will get hip dysplasia, BULL CRAP and a LOAD OF CRAP, it is hereditary. It don’t cost a lot of money to have your dogs OFA’d, she don’t won’t to invest the money back into her dogs.

  15. Rob W
    September 15, 2010 at 3:09 pm ·

    All I have to say about beaverden is that she was very professional and let me come see for myself the kennel before I decided to purchase a puppy from her. And I visited many times before deciding. She answered all my questions and delivered what she promised. My dog is Rocco he is a beautiful 1yr 2 month old 120lb baby. His temperment is outstanding and loves to sit on your lap. I get compliments on him wherever I go. And when I decide to breed him I will go to her, plain and simple. I have plenty of pics if you would like to see Rocco. Thanks

  16. Rick Caz
    November 4, 2010 at 11:41 pm ·

    I bought a dog from this breeder almost 8 years ago while I was living in Washington D.C. I lost contact with her from Jan 2003 when I got the dog till about 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what happened between then and now but I can not question the quality of dog I bought from her. He has since passed away with cancer 2 months ago, but I contacted her to let he know how happy that dog made me over the last 7 and a half years. The Dog was amazing in every sense of the word. He protected my family, played with and loved my children and what made his death so hard for me is he lived everyday of his life for me. He was my best friend. He was the most intelligent and kind hearted dog I ever met or had in my house. He was a completely healthy dog hips and all. It was only in Jun when he start limping in pain that I found out he had bone cancer. I had to put him down 2 months later. My main reason from contacting her again was because I wanted another dog from his bloodline. I can not blame her for his cancer. Anybody or animal can develope cancer at anytime.

    I see that she said she was going to get all the people that purchased a dog for her to write on here. Well I can tell you that I talked to her in October and she never said anything about this. I just happened to stumble upon it looking for her website. Not everyone is going to have a great experience with everyone. Its human nature and its unfortunate. I had a good experience and I would recommend this breeder.

    R.I.P Hunter “Digga Doo”

  17. Christian
    December 21, 2010 at 5:14 pm ·

    Thanks so Much guys, I am very fortunate to have had the dogs I did over the last 11 years. It is beacuse of ppl like you that we did what we did, and I miss all of them very much…It is still so funny to me that all of the ppl who bad Mouth other breeders are only hiding things about themselves, I do not talk bad about other ppl because they get whats coming to them with out effort. and still to this day no one ever called me about problems only want to talk trash due to a boring noting better to do life…I hope that on judement day they too will be judged. Good luck to all who have posted both bad and good, May God Bless you All

  18. Corey Smith
    December 22, 2010 at 7:22 am ·

    Christian, we have been trying to get ahold of you for weeks now, you are not returning our emails, and all the numbers that we have previously been able to reach you at have been disconnected, i see that you have posted on here yesterday and hopefully you will see this and give us a call…we would like to get this taken care of as soon as possible
    thank you
    Corey Smith

  19. Charlie
    December 28, 2010 at 5:16 pm ·

    Well i don’t know about the comments i have seen on here to be all true but we purchased a puppy from Christian and so far it has been a healthy dog. Except for having a parrot jaw which she has assured us will take care of itself as the dog grows. We were also assured that if this dog doesn’t grow out of his parrot jaw that she will make it right with another puppy. I was also told that the dog was of pet quality and that the parrot jaw was not a big deal. . I am willing to wait and see how the dog will grow and hopefully will grow into his jaw bite correctly. I didn’t even know about the bite until I took him to the vet for the first time. He has since had all his shots and is a very healthy loved dog and is very loyal to me. Hopefully all works out with his bite and I can feel as good as i did when i first got him.

  20. hope
    January 12, 2011 at 2:36 pm ·

    She has a new website again, I think that all her dogs are at another kennel, not sure if she has them back or not. But her new kennel name is Palm Tree Rottweilers and her new phone # is 843-771-6400. I am going to keep posting this information, until she admits what she has done to people and makes it right by everyone that she has wronged in the past.

  21. Corey
    January 19, 2011 at 7:17 pm ·

    christian or elizabeth beavers is one of the most dishonest people me and my wife have ever had the displeasure of meeting. we paid for a puppy and had to return it and she was supposed to give us a refund and never did. we never got our $450 back and still dont have a dog.. this woman and her husband will not feel bad about taking your money, creating many new email addresses, changing every phone number and running to a different state. this family is not a good one to deal with so if your looking at min pins, rottweilers or any other breed this lady decides to have on any given day do not associate with this one she will lie to you without hesitating.

  22. Alisa Delaney
    March 16, 2011 at 10:13 pm ·

    FInally someone has seen what i know is true. She is a ripoff to the tee.

  23. Christain Beavers
    March 28, 2011 at 11:34 am ·

    OMG well here we go again , people with nothing better to do with their time..TO Corey..you are getting your money back, and we tried to get you apup three times and could not get the times right for meeting!!!! we have recpts and to who ever wants to call us at anytime if you are not coward to do so…
    We will have and always have had Beautiful dogs..BREED for quality..say what you want..Funny how no one is calling us about it …
    About the not investing in our dogs, we would love for you to see our vet records..anytime just call!

    843-789-3555 or 843-741-6400

    Call anytime!!!!!!!!!! Really ??

    March 28, 2011 at 11:43 am ·

    Funny Hope, Melissa, George , Casey, Fred , lisa, Luther

    Here is my number 843-789-3555 -843-741-6400

    If you are not a Coward ?? why not call me or meet me some where and lets discuss this face, to face…

    FYI.. Name is Elizabeth Christian Beavers, I can move, change my numbers , do what ever I like ..funny thing is..NONE of you have ever called me with a problem..and I LOVE feeling like a MOVIE star knowing you are all keeping up with me so well!!! Makes it so much MORE fun!
    let me help you out a little , so you have less to talk about !!

    I have all of my dogs with me..I am In SC now…

    We are a small family owned HOBBY breeder… Please come visit us anytime 🙂

  25. WOW.. Wish i had know!
    May 10, 2011 at 2:36 pm ·

    Well i guess i’m joinin the fan club, I gave Christian 2 Breeding Mini Rotts , (No Money Upfront)..So hard been hounding me she wanted too be a Mini Rott breeder, and loved mine! I figured i’d help her out and i was relocated she could breed a litter and give her a Start, then i would get Puppies Back as payment !!! Dam she took them.. In Oct 21 2010 she had breed them, Then she claimed she had to move and couldnt have dogs, then she email and called me back when i was looking for another breeder to Co Own with to pick up HER agreement with me.. she calls and emails me back a week or so later with Hey i;m all set i can keep them. Your Female is having Puppies and I will send the Litter to ya and money, for Parents… and i’ll use the male to bred to my Rottweiler. So i Trusted her…. by end of Dec 21st she was panic emailing me for Reg. Papers ?… Deal was she dont get them till the Breeding pair of Mini Rotts were Paid for ?… Then she diappears … cant reach , changed website name … so i had been searching and tracing i find out she Stole both Parents and the Whole litter and made money and a Swap with my Pups to another breeding starting Mini Rotts in W.Virgina Tina… I was floored when i shsaw my dogs pics up on the website, I pretended to be a Buyer and set up Tina and Christian , and causght them in lies. They had Sold 7 Puppies made 5,250.00 and then had her bred agian !!!! and another current litter !!! another 5,250.00 !!!= When i finallly reached her … she actually had the Nerve to say, I abandoned them… HaHa, She traded also my 2 Mini Rott adults for 2 Mini Pins Blue Jean and Black female min Pin in a swap for MY PUPPIES, I called the United all bred and they were all reg. under Tina? Please any info on the were abouts of these Mini Rotts born Dec 24th Reg with United All Bred please contact me ! Tina , has the Female Roxy… i own and I’m still searching for the sire ACE.and All Offspring !! email me i have pictures … ckrealty33@yahoo.com 508 361 7621 They are all STOLEN.Jamie Berg is a Part of this Scheme, she sells Carlin Pinchers

  26. Christian
    June 8, 2011 at 10:52 am ·

    Haha This lady Lynn is Funny….She was told to come get her dogs for three months..she is so dishonest that she lied to me about these so called mini rotts..They were not what they were supossed to be at ll..I wanted to give them back and BEGGED her to come get them or let me ship them back. after 3 moths of no replys I traded them to another breeder..THAT RIGHT sure did..if she is so out then let go to court..I have her for abandoment and lieing about the dogs..I love how all of these ppl try to put the blame on me..It just gives them something to talk about ..NOT ONE person who has made a comment on her has ever contacted me personally..
    Isn’t that funny??? again
    843-789-3555 Call me anytime you want to although I know you wont cause you are cowards and want to slander..I have printed all of these out and I am just sitting back loving it!
    It was once said that ppl who are guilty MUSt talk bad about others to cover there own Stupidity..I so believe that
    Oh and I am still breeding dogs, Working as a vet tech now and have been inspected and passed an AKC inpection..Not many can say that….Keep posting , It only shows your ignorance…

  27. Jose Valenzuela
    July 17, 2011 at 5:36 pm ·

    I thought that I was the only person who had been tricked by these scammers, but now I feel worst knowing there are others victims. Christian Elizabeth Beavers is the most dishonest people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I paid for a female puppy and never received her, she told a lot of lies, “the dog is sick I can’t ship her until she is better, I don’t have other dogs at that price you have to pay more, I’ll send you back your money tomorrow” that never happened. this low moral person was supposed to give me a refund and never did . We never got our $1,200. I dont know how this woman and her husband will not feel bad about taking your money, that puppy was the present for my little son’s birthday, but they didn’t care, he was very sad because his pet never arrived. I filed a small claim in Arizona, they lost the case, but they never paid to me. Also I did a claim on BBB they also lost it. I opened a claim on paypal, they lost it, but this professional liers threatened me that if I did not retire the claim then they do not send me back the money, I did the mistake removing the claim on paypal, I never have received a answer/refund from them. I have all the proofs (claims, emails from this dishonest thieves) about all I am saying. They change emails & addresses very often in order notbody can reach them when they do scams. this family is not a good one to deal with so if you are looking for rottweilers or any other breed they are selling please look in another place, they will take your money, so do not make bussines with them. they will lie to you without hesitating.
    Beavers rottweilers = trick,scams,lies,lost of money, poor quality dogs.

  28. FRED
    July 22, 2011 at 9:16 am ·


  29. Christian
    November 12, 2011 at 1:47 pm ·

    And again, No One has called me, The latest one is great…if you were owed money on shipping ..I owuld love to see your proof, and Funny you have no complaint about your dog , just your shipping…and then there is JOSE V..You are pathetic , Just jumping on the wagon. You changed your mind so many times no one could keep up with you , when money was returned to you , it came back returned to send NOT A known address. But My attorney Fixed that one. and as far as the rest…I will never stop Loving my dogs, none of these pll have ever called me EXCEPT JOSE.. and You should be ashamed of yourself for posting thing that you have no proof of..Again , I will always breed my dogs, and there is nothing anyone can do about it . WE are active in the show ring now and winning with our beautiful dogs. Just went last week… no body on here who has posted about us can say that. Come visit us anytime , and By all means OUR PHONE numbers all ALWAYS posted. 843-789-3555
    Stop being cowards and pick up the phone, DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

  30. Christian
    November 12, 2011 at 1:50 pm ·


    THE reason we moved once again , was due to family..If I were still in NC I would be OUT selling and Out winning EVERYONE there as I always did! lol .HOWEVER If I want to move all over this world and spread the beauty and love of our family and dogs I will…Jealousy is amazing , huh?

  31. Christian
    November 12, 2011 at 1:58 pm ·

    AWWEE Hope you are such an Angel and everyones hero dear…keep posting, would be nice if I knew who you were..Oh but wait you wont tell us that huh?
    you are slandering someone you dont know..Wait are you a secret admirer , or maybe a fan that is in love with us , a deranged stalker…THOSE ppl GO TO JAIL , just so you know

    When I find out who some of you ppl are I will prosecute . you are all cowards for not telling anyone who you are
    FRED I already reported you dear..and I have it filled… ..So
    The choice is yours…
    I am online everyday until I get of all of you !
    Call me anytime …….


  32. JOSE V
    November 22, 2011 at 11:28 am ·

    Its very sad to see how many people you have deceived. But the worst part of this is see how easy is for you say lies.YOU NEVER WONT CHANGE. YOU know well than everything I said here its the true, unfortunately I can’t post here all documents/proofs I have due o system limitations. The only reason I wrote in this page is to inform to another people be aware of low moral people like you and you husband. YOU never sent me any money back, but I dont care anymore, and you know what , after I seen all these comments from other scammed people by YOU, I would say: thanks for no send any puppy with all kind of diseases and genetic issues you produce!!!. I left everything into the hands of GOD who at end of the way it gives to everyone what deserves.

  33. Melissa
    January 31, 2012 at 3:54 pm ·

    It is funny… none of the phone #’s that you have given out on this page work. Why is that?? Are you the coward Christian??? You have done a lot of people wrong in the past, you may not get what you deserve in this life and or you may… But..one day you will stand before the Almighty GOD and HE will judge you for what you have done in this life. I do not know how you sleep at night.. You may think you have good dogs, and you might… but you have done a lot of people wrong and you have done me wrong… GOD will revenge for me… He tells me to leave it up to him and I have placed it in HIS hand. The thing that really bothers me… is that your children probably know how you are and they will probably turn out.. just like you.
    You need to repent of your sins and turn to JESUS and ask him to forgive you of what you done and ask himn to come into your heart and save you, and you need to make it right with all of those people that you have wronged. GOD loves even you Christian and wants you to be his child. But you have to repent and turn from your sins and change. Hope that you will one day accept him as your Saviour.

  34. Elizabeth Christian Beavers
    February 28, 2012 at 10:19 pm ·

    I dont know what numbers you are dialing

    let me spell everything for you idiots again!!!!!!
    I have kept records of everything and I am just waiting on someone to contact us someday:)

    Heres some great news for all of my fans…I now have a link where all of this and Facebook was started and have court action filed…so this will all soon be over “) But it was fun

    HOME number 843-789-4145
    Palm Tree K9 In Ladson SC
    email : Palmtreek9@yahoo.com

    why dont you all call me sometime I would love to talk with you ??

  35. Elizabeth
    February 28, 2012 at 10:25 pm ·

    Oh and BTW…the phone numbers have changed because we have switch carriers…then changed one more time because Time warner left our area?? Grow up ppl and find something better to do with your time….
    Still waiting for my phone to ring with all the ppl that have a problem with us?? Would love to talk with any of you ???
    the email is for the ones who are scared to call?? 🙂 But be warned I can track it and find out who you are?

  36. Christine McPhee
    January 6, 2013 at 8:43 pm ·

    Boy I guess I am lucky. We purchased two dogs from her 3 1/2 years ago and they are beautiful:) I love them and they are the most well behaved. I must admit I think we paid too much for them and I think they were misrepresented as showdogs (female is too small) However, we decided to pay more for them because the parents had excellent temperments and she was well knowledged on the breed and seemed to love them. I named my female Sasha Lynn after her mother and she looks and acts just like her. I guess I feel blessed I had a good experience with Christian. She let us drive the 3 hours to come and look at them and although I was not impressed with her home conditions I was impressed how she interacted with the dogs and how she was willing to walk us around and show us all papers, answer all questions we had, she did not seem to hide anything.

  37. ashley
    January 27, 2013 at 3:31 pm ·

    christian i am trying to get ahold of u i need some advise or see if you may can help we got our min pin from you almost 2 yrs ago and she is our heart and we now have a male as well i need you to contact me …910-409-4222 my name is ashley

  38. Bryce Howard
    March 28, 2013 at 11:48 am ·

    Hello everybody. I have been reading all about Ian beavers you see I refuse to put crist in her name because she is so dishonest and a lier. She says on here no body will call her about all the problems with her dogs. I talked to her and her childish husband several times with no luck. We bred with a male she had who she said was ofa good after we bred our female to her dog she sold him the new owner found he had bad hips we called her she lied AGAIN and said he was injured as a puppy. We were lucky enough to talk to and receive in righting from the person Ian got the male from and he confirmed that Waylon the male we used had bad hips and she new because she had the vet records from him but she kept lying to us when I called her about it her husband got on the phone and went ballistic yelling and screening. I told him he needed to go to his room for a time out. These people are BIG liers and breed for just the money DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE. I don’t have the time or space to tell everyone about how dishonest these people are so if you want to know more my name is Bryce my # is 803-287-2016 I will tell you about these people. I have written documentation to prove what I am saying. Ian is kinda like the soldier marching his mother said look every body is out of step but my son. Lol she is a lier and a fraud. She said no one will call her I did and I know others who she has ripped off.

  39. Edward J Ruben II
    November 23, 2016 at 8:00 pm ·

    She’s about to get sued and does not even realize it – funny thing is both her personal property and business are not exempt from the proceedings. All our ducks are in a row. It has taken a bit of time, but we have enough evidence (thanks in part to sites like this, vets [both factual and perceived]) to wrap this thing up. Perhaps she wont harm another puppy, dog, or human, for that matter. All of the above disgruntled patrons will be represented – at least in non-materialistically ways.

  40. Lisa
    June 12, 2022 at 10:29 pm ·

    One day Beaverden you will get yours. I am a firm believer that things come back to you and it sounds like you got a lot coming your way. I have done business with this woman, she was suppose to breed her male to two of my females for a puppy that I had that she wanted. Well she didn’t tell me that the male had hip dysplasia and thank God my females didn’t take. But she got the puppy and disappeared and would not give her back. She is a LIAR and it will come back to you. You can’t keep treating people the way you do and get by in life. One day you will stand before the Great Judge and He will judge you.

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