UL.1.MAJA 70
REKA, KOPRIVNICA, Croatia 48 000
Phone: +385989511506
E-Mail: lelatrescec3@gmail.com
Website: www.neomele.com

As active members of FCI and Croatian kennel club and registered reputabled breeders, our goal is to breed beautiful and healthy Ridgebacks.

We do careful selection of healthy genetically tested dogs (tested for hereditary diseases in Laboklin – Germany).
Our dogs are x-rayed and rated by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb.
All our dogs passed Breeding exam and have good temperament.

​We are investigating and following bloodlines all over the world in order to get the best possible quality of dogs with proving that the parents of our litters physically and mentally sound.
Breeding is neverending process and we are working hard on upgrading our knowledge and breeding skills in order to achieve our goals.
​We aim high and with some luck we are doing the best as we can for our loving breed.

New Puppies Available

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