Oregon Great Dane Hybrids

Oregon Great Dane Hybrids
estacada, OR 97023
Phone: 503-630-6013
E-Mail: oregongreatdanehybrids@gmail.com

We have males and females and lots of colors to choose from all pups shown are 600.00

All our puppies are raised here on our 6 acre farm and family raised with children in our home. All our puppies are raised 100% in our warm home in our dinning room not out in a garage or barn. All our puppies receive 24 hour care and kept as clean as possible at all times .We Also work on potty training.

All puppies are vet checked at 6 weeks will have there 1st vaccine and kennel cough before they go home.
puppies are also wormed at 2,3,4,6&8 weeks.

This is my breed that I have been breeding for 4 years now. These are smart dogs and easy to train. I have lots of pictures of what they will look like full grown and owner feed back about my breed.

Mom is full AKC Great Dane Dad is a Hybrid ( I have his DNA ) Brittney, Great Pyrenees and English lab Puppies will be as follow 1/2 Great Dane 1/4 lab 1/8 great Pyrenees 1/8 Brittney They will still look like a Great Dane and have the size of a Dane but have far less health issues.
Have you ever heard the term "Hybrid Vigor"?
Well you will now!

More and more people are taking notice of this amazing attribute
of dog breeding.

Hybrid vigor is not a theory, but a term that describes what happens repeatedly throughout
all species in the animal and plant kingdom.
When unrelated breeds of any animal species are mated, the offspring
in the first generation will be more healthy, fertile, and (in animals) mentally stable
than either parent breed.
This first generation, also known F1 by geneticists, will be intermediate in characteristics
to the parents and resemble both parent breeds.
To sum it up, Hybrid Vigor is the term used to describe the burst of fertility,
good health, and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated.
The longer these breeds have been separated and the greater the difference
between them, the stronger the resulting hybrid vigor will be.