Leishmans Loveable Labs

Leishmans Loveable Labs
PO Box 506
Ione, WA 99139
Phone: 509-442-4865
E-Mail: Leesa@leishmansloveablelabs.com

Hi I am a small Hobby breeder. I’ve been breeding since 1998. I love Labrador’s Our dogs are part of our family. Right now I have a male Radar he is a master hunter and is EIC and CNM clear. All of my dogs are up to date on their vaccines an have OFA on hips and Elbows. And I have one female peaches. The most I have ever had is 3 females. I feel keeping my kennel small allows me to devote the time and love to my dogs and the puppies that they need.

New Puppies Available

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  1. mike derouin
    December 15, 2019 at 4:45 pm ·

    I’m interested in one of your puppies. Great home, 4 kids, owed dogs entire life.

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