Miracle Ranch Labradoodles

Miracle Ranch Labradoodles
Phyllis Howe
Winnipeg MB R2C 2Z2
Phone: 204-224-1180
E-Mail: info@miracleranch.ca

Miracle Ranch Labradoodles breeds Australian Labradoodle & Multigenerational Labradoodle puppies. We have puppies available in three sizes: Miniature, Medium, and Standard. Our labradoodle puppies are born in a variety of colors…. Red, Caramel, Apricot/Gold, Chocolate, Cream, Parti, Black, & the occasional Phantom.
Exceptional temperament and health, combined with the allergy friendly, soft, silky fleece coat is what we breed for. We want you to count on your puppy to be fun-loving, easy to train, and to enrich the lives of your family and circle of friends.
For more information on our labradoodle puppies please visit our website
or e-mail: info@miracleranch.ca
or call: 204-224-1180 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada