Turkmen Kangal Dogs

Turkmen Kangal Dogs
Tamara Taylor
2355 CR 332
Era TX 76238
Phone: 9407263555
E-Mail: ttaylorfarms@gmail.com
Website: www.patterandairygoats.com

Foundation breeders raising pure Sivas-Kangal Dogs since the 1980s, Taylor farms and Turkmen Kangal Dogs breeds bite inhibited (to its people and charges), protective, strong, healthy Kangal Dogs. We register our dogs with UKC — no registration means no proof of pedigree and potential inbreeding and unethical crossbreeding. Our dogs are currently guarding sheep, goats, cattle, horses in Brazil, Canada, the U.S., Africa, and Spain. They are family / farm protectors throughout the U.S. Our goal is to place the right dog in the right home.