Roundstone Terriers

Roundstone Terriers
Karena Roberts
Southern NH

Here at Roundstone we are pleased to be part of the Connemara Terrier Society breeding an Old World style Jack Russell Terrier. Breeding the Connemara Jack Russell Terrier is a family affair and we take great pride in our dogs. Our Jack Russell Puppies are raised in our home here in New Hampshire under our watchful eye where they can receive all the love and care they need.

Our Connemara Jack Russell Terriers are cleared for the following health screenings:

* Thyroid certified by OFA
* Patella’s certified by OFA
* Eyes Certified by CERF
* Hearing is BAER tested
* Blood Chemistry & Complete Panels run
* Temperament tested & Comprehensive Personality Profiles
* DNA Profile
* We also screen for 28 different genetic diseases using VerSNIP*