Royal Flush Havanese Florida

Royal Flush Havanese Florida
Holly Mastroianni
6371 Arc Way Suite 3
Fort Myers, FL 33914
Phone: (239) 939-3999

Royal Flush Havanese FL prides itself on our happy, hearty, healthy Havanese puppies raised inside our place in a warm, loving, immaculate environment! Great grandparents, grandparents and parents are raised as our pets inside with us and have proven to be healthy for generations. Our Vet and Veterinary ophthalmologist visit us yearly and our dogs are consistently healthy!! We produce absolutely gorgeous, playful, happy and lovable puppies with every litter. With over 30 years breeding experience, we are very proud of the dogs we own and selectively breed the finest Havanese you will find. Pups are correctly socialized to be wonderful family companions and their health is guaranteed for SIX years!!!!

Havanese are excellent with children of ALL ages and are truly hypoallergenic and non-shedding! They have an on/off switch and are quiet and still in your lap and comical and entertaining on the ground! They love everyone and make friends fast with other pets! Quick learners, easy to housebreak…WOW!

Please peruse our review page on the website to see a plethora of pleased puppy purchasers’ pictures and praises!!

Feel free to email or call us anytime. We love to talk "Havanese" and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the breed or your dog even if you didn’t get your pup from Royal Flush! The website puppy page is always up to date with current pictures of puppies available! Thanks and enjoy our babies!

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