Eagel Mountain UT 84005
Phone: 801-850-8079

Meet AXEL, he is about 4 1/2 years young! He has an amazing temperament! he is very mellow and laid back but at the same time still loves to run and play. He is very smart and aims to please. He is AKC papered, His grand parents were imported form Poland, He is 50% European Great Dane, He has FAWN, HLQN, MANTLE, BRINDLE and merle in his lines so he will and has thrown beautiful litters!He was completely black as a pup but with age has acquired a little gray. He has no signs or symptoms of any hip, joint, or bone problems. No knee, back or shoulder problems. He has a healthy heart and healthy lungs. He weights right now about 140lbs 9but was weighing in at 170 ( he has been very depressed since his mate passed away last year. He is knew to our family and doing amazing so he will be back to 170 in no time. He is about 35” at the shoulder. I am willing to do pick of the litter or a stud fee of $800. I will house your female in my home and she will be loved, spoiled and treated as one of our own. if you have more questions call or text Hailey @ (801)850-8079