Catena Chinese Cresteds

Catena Chinese Cresteds
Ashleigh G
Little Rock AR

My name is Ashleigh, and I am a breeder of the Chinese Crested Dog. I am located in Central Arkansas, along with my husband, and our three dogs and a crazy cat. I fell in love with the Chinese Crested in 2009 when I got my first Powderpuff. After that, I started joining forums and reading everything that I possibly could about the breed standard, confirmation and health issues associated with this wonderful breed. I can honestly say now, that I will always have a crested in my home!! Aside from breeding, I am also a Professional Dog Groomer, so all of the puppies that I sell will be introduced to grooming at a very early age, and are always welcome back here for grooming once they are sold! Even though our family is not interested in the “show” life for any of our dogs, we still strive to produce genetically healthy, happy cresteds with good confirmation and that loving temperament. All of the dogs that I will use for breeding, are PLL and PRA-PRCD tested clear, eye cerfed, and have their patellas checked.

I am currently looking for approved females for my AKC stud dog CC’s Shake Yo Money Maker Daegan. For more information please visit my website!