Ultima8 Kennels

Ultima8 Kennels
Adetunji Daniels
69 Aratunmi Road Iba New site Lagos, Bafog Oluwo Abeokuta Ogun state.
Ojo Nigeria +234
Phone: 08028879277. whatapp 08160028079
E-Mail: royalultima8kennel@gmail.com

Few has said but many had witnessed. I cannot tell it all here! Visit us and a glance of what you see will speak. Importedd nd full breed is all we do up-to-date Vaccination. Breeds: Caucasian (Adult male 4 stud, Adult 4 sale nd pups aswwell available!) We do Gsd pure imported with the champion blood line. Boerbull nd Rott …. Nd sale’s of imported dog feeds nd accessories.