Wall 2 Wall Border Collies

Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
Lorna Wall
250 Gimby Street
Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0
Phone: 204-529-2663
E-Mail: wall2wallsheep@yahoo.ca

"If you need things ‘rounded up, to run the course,
or to just hang out, we can do the job!"
When you want to have the best, Only Border Collies will do!
These are not wild, bouncing off the walls, tear your house apart indiscriminately bred pups but rather those from carefully chosen and screened bloodlines for instinct, intelligence, focus and health.
Great working lines {registered purebred} border collies make better companions. Easily trained for agility or multiple jobs, fast learning curve, siblings all noted for speed. Siblings excelling in Agility & Herding trials across the country.