Hard Rock Boerboels

Hard Rock Boerboels
Lena Phares
Livingston, Montana 59047
Phone: 406-220-1648

About me:
Hard Rock Boerboels comes from a very agricultural background. I rodeo and jackpot, and my husband is a hard rock miner in one of the only three platinum/palladium mines in the world. We are located in the heart of Montana, and our dogs are raised as such. They are brought up on a small acreage, around many different types of animals, and when they aren’t guarding the “homestead,” they are on the road with Lena going from jackpot barrel race to rodeo, seeing the sites! They hike with us in the Montana mountains, help with us when pushing horses and cattle from winter to summer pastures, and sleep at our feet every night. There is no other dog that I would rather share this lifestyle with, and most certainly no other breed that I would trust to be capable of such things. We are affiliated with the USBA, and we breed these dogs to be true of their historical character. Temperament and usability are our foremost priorities, health and conformation fall into order with those requirements.