MVP Associated

MVP Associated
Mary Peltz
3640 County Rd 6 NW
Stanchfield, MN 55080
Phone: 763-439-8261

These are our family dogs. They are UKC Registered. The mothers are sisters. All the parents are from a Championship Pedigree. We have 11 females and 11 males from 2 separate litters. The puppies will be ready to take home July 18, and July 20. They will have been dewormed and given their first shots. They have been well handled by people and spend a lot of time with our family so they are acclimated to humans. They make great hunting dogs, as they have an incredible sense of smell. They are also great family dogs. Very Loving and Good Natured. If you are interested in the pedigree, we can send you that information. We have 3 generations of pedigree. Health Guaranteed. $900.00 each.

New Puppies Available

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