Country Lake Bloodhounds

Country Lake Bloodhounds
R.M. Maxwell
Shell Knob MO 65747
Phone: 417-342-3025

AKC Quality Puppies, Reds, Black and Tan’s, Liver and Tan’s. Bloodhounds are the only breed I raise and I only have a few litters per year. Champion and Tracking bloodlines.

Parent’s on premises. Parents are happy, healthy and have gentle dispositions. All my puppies are socialized with other pets, children and family members.

All my puppies are sold with Limited registration and a spay/neuter contract, unless you are buying a puppy for breeding or show.

Please research the bloodhound breed before deciding to add a bloodhound to your family.

I only sell my puppies to homes with fenced yards or that have a kennel pen as bloodhounds are scent hounds and will follow an interesting scent and get lost, hit by autos etc. It only take a few moments for one to wonder off after an interesting scent and get lost. Unless you can run as fast as a bloodhound and follow a trail as good as a bloodhound, once one takes off you may never catch him or her.

Please, if you are wanting to add a bloodhound to your family, and do not have a fenced yard, purchase a kennel pen *BEFORE* finding that perfect adorable bloodhound puppy to add to you family and avoid a heartbreak.