P-Town’s Most Wanted ACD’s

P-Town’s Most Wanted ACD’s
Amy Orozco
7020 Tustin Rd.
Prunedale CA 93907
Phone: 8319054282
E-Mail: amy.orozco@att.net

Our puppies are born inside the house and carefully monitored to make sure each one is growing properly. In the following weeks, we spend a lot of time with them, getting to know each pup, his/her personality and quirks. We consider these pups as part of our family until they reach yours, and we treat them as such. At about a month of age they are allowed outside to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. They stay outside during the day (weather permitting of course) and then come back inside at night to make sure they are safe.

We de-worm the puppies several times while they are with us and they will receive their first vaccination at 8 weeks right before they go to their new homes.

We do not dock tails!

Our dogs are registered with the AKC. All of our puppies will come with registration papers so that they can be registered with the AKC as well.