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Puppies (6 girls) of the American Naked Terrier born on 08.16.2019.from titled parents are for sale. Mother Virginia is the young champion of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, a candidate for inter-champions. Father-Feerya Magic gardi is the young champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Norway, the champion of France and Europe, a candidate for interchampions.AGT is a very rare breed throughout the world that does not require special care and has excellent health. These dogs are playful and friendly. They get along with all pets with pleasure. They will love long, active walks in the forest. Therefore, it is advisable to get a dog in a family with children or active adults. AGT respond very well to training. But they require warm clothes in the winter time, since they are completely deprived of wool. The lack of wool will not cause you problems cleaning the apartment, nor will there be an allergy to the wool. At the time of the sale of puppies, they will be vaccinated by age and chipped, prophylactic, will have a veterinary passport, puppy card, pedigree upon request

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