Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels

Am-Erica’s Cocker Spaniels
Erica Jordan LPN NY

Homeraised, CH Sired partis and chocolates. Genetic health tested parents. Vet examined/2 yr health guarantee. PD810

New Puppies Available

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  1. deborah
    April 14, 2011 at 7:18 am ·

    erica jordan is the biggest liar on the planet. her website is full of lies. she does NOT do ofa, yet she has the ofa symbol on her website. she has her dogs in crates in a little room on the side of her house. her website claims she lives on 11 acres but fails to mention that there are 2 other homes on the property. beware

  2. Erica Jordan
    July 9, 2012 at 11:05 pm ·

    How sad that jealous, pathetic people can annonymously and cowardly post lies on the internet. It is a fact that I have had several dogs OFA hip certified and patella certified while under my ownership and they are listed in the OFA database: D-Lux’s Twisted Sister, Calfrances Frosty Arlequin, CH Crescentmoon’s Treasures Rock, Ashleysown The Sable Fable, CH.My-Ida-Ho Ubetcha. My name as appears as the owner of record on each of their OFA certificates. None of my dogs are crated, I do not believe in keeping adult dogs crated and anybody whom actually really knows me or has ever really been to my home knows that. We have an addition built onto the back of our house situated between the house and the garage that is actually 2 rooms and nearly 500 sqr feet. In this area there are 7 indoor KENNELS (not crates) and every one of them has a doggy door. The dogs have 24/7 access to freely go indoors/outdoors and outdoors are 2 large fenced areas…one in the front of our house and one in the back of our house. I was AKC inspected in Febuary 2012 and the inspector told me I had the best set up he has ever seen and I have a written inspection report that is scanned and I am all but happy to e-mail to anyone upon request. As for the property I live on… really? Not that it is anybody’s business, but the property is actually 16 acres. It was purchased by my grandfather back in the 1950’s. 4 acres were broken off, which now belongs to my father. On the 12 acres that we live on, my brother lives on the hill behind me, there is an empty falling down trailer beside us that we allow the teen agers to use for indoor skating as I’d rather they be hanging out here where we can keep track of them, and my grandfather lives on the other side of the creek. Look it up with Wyoming County… 4 acres is owned by my father David Smith, and this 12 by my brother Brian and grandfather David Sr… Smith; which is my maiden name. I am also a Licensed Practical Nurse; which is verifiable with the NYS Office of Professions online verification. Also, people whom purchase my puppies are encouraged to come here and meet me and my dogs in person and see how/where our adult dogs live and are cared for. So sad that when I get a gut feeling that somebody is not good enough for one of my puppies and I turn them down that they go online and cowardly spew hurtful lies, but it reasures me that my gut instinct was right on and I did the right thing in refusing them.

  3. Erica
    January 1, 2024 at 9:56 pm ·

    New Email for Am- Erica’s Cocker Spaniels is or text 716.353.5587

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