WolfMoon Malamutes

WolfMoon Malamutes
Geryl Anne Dzikowski
141 Ridge Top Drive
Pendleton KY 40055
Phone: 502-255-0084
E-Mail: Oozzeau@gmail.com
Website: http://www.pets4you.com/pages/wolfmoon/

We are a VERY small operation with one male to two females. The females are standard AKC coat/size and could show if that is the path I so chose. The male is a woolie giant.

I have studied genetics since I was quite young (being the only redhead in the family) and what I wanted to produce are both standards and woolies with varying sizes. This way, I generally have all my pups sold long before my dogs even breed.

My goal is to make happy families for both humans and pups. This is not an income–far from it. This is a passion. I do not GOUGE people because I find that deplorable and unnecessary. I have all the Veterinary bills and such to prove what it costs. My dogs have all the proper certs, OFA, papers, parasite prevention and every other thing under the Sun; if *I* don’t have to charge insane amounts of money…? Neither does anyone else. No, they are not free, but I’m not asking for down payment on a house, either.

That out of the way, I breed mostly for health, temperament and brains. Nobody will be happy with an unintelligent, sick, mean dog.

It doesn’t hurt that I happen to have the most unusual coats; that was just simply lucky.

Contact me if you wish to speak to a reasonable human being about acquiring a pup from my land. Yes, phone interview is required.

Thank You ~