Asylum Angel Bulldogs

Asylum Angel Bulldogs
Toronto ON

We are a small family based Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breeder located in Ontario Canada. At Asylum all of our dogs are ABBA (Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Association) registered and DNA profiled with the DDC (DNA Diagnostic Center). They are part of the family, live in our house and are fed a raw diet.

I believe in keeping the working traits of the breed and also creating the perfect family dog at the same time for ultimate versatility. All of our dogs are, or will be training in personal protection. They have the proper obedience foundation in order to do this safely and under control as well as being temperament tested prior to any training. We need to make sure the dogs also have what it takes mentally to be able preform this type of work.

Our puppies are all raised in our home around children and other dogs. We also implement the Bio Sensor Early
Neurological Stimulation Program/Von Falconer Puppy Program in order to optimize every puppy’s overall future health and social performance.

Our dogs come from foundation stock Cattle Rustler Kennels/ABBA bloodlines. Each of our dogs are picks of their respective litters, selecting only the best. Our dogs are only registered with the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Association (ABBA), the only registry promoting and preserving this rare breed. The ABBA is also the only Alapaha registry making it mandatory to DNA profile all dogs prior to allowing registration. This protects the breed and ensures buyers that they are getting what they are expecting, a PURE Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog.

Don’t be fooled by all the registries out there.
Please do yourself and this breed a favour and do some research and ask questions.
There is only one registry that puts heritage first and it is the ABBA
All of our dogs are DNA profiled through the DDC