vom Goetschetal

“vom Goetschetal”
Benita Bruehl-Hanke
Am Floßgraben 18
Kretzschau/Salsitz Germany 06712
Phone: 0049 173 4507138
E-Mail: info@1a-airedaleterrierzucht.de

Here you will get a look into life of our kennel and you will get overview about our breeding Zucht)and successes (Erfolge).
We breed by slogan „small, but nice“ and put great value into quality. We have special thoughts about aim and a special “code of honor“; by this we will separate positively from others. We do not give away our „children“ to anybody; try to keep contact for whole time of terriers` life and are still contact people after sale of puppies for any beg for help and advice. Our contract of sale (Kaufvertrag) keeps four pages and covers dog, seller and buyer. For control of quality there is duty of dog keeper to join our x-ray-hips-program(HD_Röntgen) as well as our check of litter program (Nachzuchtbeurteilung) at the age of about one year. Rights and duties for buyer and seller are clearly defined and no question for responsible people. In our kennel we have maximum four bitches (Zuchthündinnen) for breeding; we are sure that nobody is able to care for more breeding stock intensively. We have one to two planned litters (geplanter Wurf) per year. Most attention we spend on growing up puppies (Welpen) by getting familiarized to people, stress situations, children and surrounding.
All breeding stock we use is free of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and PRA. Hips are controlled by “A”. We look for bloodlines full of health and age. So we try to take goal “health”(Gesundheit). For character: All our own bitches we use for breeding are working dogs(hundesport) and they have minimum title „traffic-sure accompanying family dog“. Beauty (Schönheit)we prove by first places at dog shows and champion titles. We`d like to give further information, contact us, please, if you are interested in!

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