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Howling Wolf

Howling Wolf
Josh Webb
Berryville AR 72616
E-Mail: wolvesofwisdom@yahoo.com

We breed low content to upper mid content wolfdogs. Parents of all pups are on site. These are beautiful animals that tend to bond strongly with their owner.

Blue D’Lorien

Blue D’Lorien
LaLainya Thomas
12218 Fairpoint Dr
Houston TX 77099
E-Mail: lori@coddledcritters.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-DLorien/342744479177295?ref=ts&fref=ts

Wolves are gorgeous magnificent animals, and really belong in the wild and don’t make good pets.

Upper High (UHC) and High Content (HC) wolfdogs are also magnificent animals and they can make wonderful companions for a dedicated and knowledgeable person who is capable of providing the right environment for them.

Mid content (MC) wolfdogs can still maintain a magnificently wonderful wolfy look and they are enough, or more than enough, wolf for most people, but they can still be quite a handful, and generally require more work and patience than your average dog breed.

What I am breeding are

LOW Content (LC) 32.5% or 1/3 wolf wolfdogs selectively bred to hopefully maintain the more exotic wolfy looks of their mom with more of the tractability associated with a well bred pure German Shepherd.

I will screen potential puppy buyers all year round. Once breeding takes place and pregnancy is confirmed, deposits will be accepted first from those who have returned contracts to me and next from people that have already returned the screening application and been approved.

I consider myself a breeder but not a “backyard breeder” because I am breeding Lori because I think she will produce wonderful LC babies that will bring years of joy and happiness to people’s lives. I am breeding her with the knowledge and consent of her/my breeder and for the betterment of the breed. She will be monitored as recommended by her vet throughout her pregnancy. I do not consider myself a kennel either. Lori is the only wolfdog I have and the only canine I am breeding. I am getting a puppy from my breeder in 2014 but I don’t know if it will be a male or a female (and if a male I will likely neuter him) so if I get a girl I might breed her in 2017 or 2018…

Please do your research before getting a wolfdog of ANY content. If you google, you can find some wonderfully educational sites. Here are a couple I am not associated with but really like (and if their owners want me to remove their links please just ask, but your sites are great and should be mandatory reading for anyone considering a wolfdog!)



there are also several good facebook groups you can join.

Really, before getting ANY breed of dog or type of pet at all for that matter, you should do your research. Read websites, read books, join groups, talk to other people that own the breed. If more people do their research instead of impulsively buying pets, more people AND pets would be happier in the end!

Wolf Pack Hybrids

Wolf Pack Hybrids
8509 se 69 th terrace
trenton FL 32693
Phone: 352 359 3627
E-Mail: wolfpackhybrids@yahoo.com

New Breeder with only one set of wolves . New website so contact via email or phone .

Carrkinney Wolf Den

Carrkinney Wolf Den
James Carroll
Inman SC 29349
Phone: 855-965-3336
E-Mail: carrkinneywolfden@yahoo.com

Maybe you have dreamed about owning a Wolf, but only in your dreams did you think you would every have one. A Wolfdog may be what you are looking for. These animals are so unique and magnificent after you experience the bond with one of these loving creatures from GOD, your life will never be the same. Properly bred and raised, they can be a loyal and wonderful life long pet (provided you deal with a knowledgeable and reputable breeder, who can and will provide you with the information you need to know before obtaining one of these misunderstood canines)

Here at Carrkinney Wolf Den, we are your South Carolina wolfdog breeders. We have beautiful, fun-loving, socialable dogs. The puppies we have will make wonderful pets and great additions to your family. All of our pets are raised in loving and caring home. The puppies are handle from the very frist day of life. At two weeks of age we take them on car rides and take them out with us to different place.

What is a WOLFDOG?
Note:Many people still use the term “wolf hybrid” that is no longer accurate. A hybrid is is the offspring of two different species. In 1993 the Federal Goverment reclassified that domestic dogs(canis lupus familiaris) is actually viewed as a variaant of the gray wolf(canis lupus). Even your little beloved Chihuahaua and.

A wolfdog is a dog with recent wolf heritage. That is, a wolfdog has a pure(100%) wolf ancestor within the last five generations.

Most of the time they are mix with Alaskan malamute, Siberian Huskey and/or German Shepherd. People want wolfdogs that look “wolfy” and these breeds most resemble their wild family members.

Are they wild, mean and aggressive animals?
No they are not wild animals they are domestic animals with specails needs. They need love and depend on humans for food, love and protection and companionship.

Wolves are, by nature, timid around humans. Likewise so are high content woldogs. Should someone break into your house your wolfdog would hide then face them. There has never been a reported attack on a human by a healthy wolf in this country.

My kids have been around my wolfdogs and have never been attack they love them and play with them everyday as you can see in the pictures on my webpage. You are more then welcome to contact and stop by anytime and see for your self how loving,playfuly and caring these wonderful animals are.

Why have a wolf dog?

Wolves have a very strong pack order, which means their behaviour towards humans (the food provider and pack leader) is very respectful, with none of the neurotic / aggressive behaviours shown by many dog breeds, bred often for appearance. They are also naturally healthy, with plenty of energy. They are very intelligent, and loyal to their owner, making them ideal for a variety of useful jobs, as well as good pets, provided their different needs are understood, and they are given enough exercise and stimulation.

All our pets come with a one year health warranty from the date you pick them up.

Thank you for stop by our webpage hope you enjoy it.

Northern California’s Wolf Hybrid Ranch

Northern California’s Wolf Hybrid Ranch
Edye Marin
PO Box 93
Etna CA 96027
Phone: 5309902308
E-Mail: edyemarin@gmail.com

Our Wolf Hybrid Ranch is nestled on 30 acres at the base of the Marble Mountain Wilderness and in the shadow of Mount Shasta. Our wolf hybrids are raised in a natural environment in a secluded woody terrain. Because of the close proximity to the house for all the sections of the wolf forest and the constant interaction with our family, our puppies are raised with contact and intimate socializing. The distinctive look and physical attributes of our mid-to-high content wolf pack sets our puppies apart from other breeders. Our unique setting allows the wolf hybrid cubs to have large swaths of land to run and play.

Alpha Wolves

Alpha Wolves
Abilene Ave
Norfolk, Virginia 23502
Phone: 757-816-5310

Arctic, Tundra, Timber, And Red Wolves. Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, And Samoyed’s

Lakota Wolf Pack Hybird Cubs

Lakota Wolf Pack Hybird Cubs
Email: aaatwolves@gmail.com

I raise high content (ninety percent range) Wolf Hybrids. I have 3 males left please take a look at my site for more information.

White Alaskan Tundra Cross Needs Home

White Alaskan Tundra Cross Needs Home
14115 hwy 641 s
Holladay tn 38341
Phone: 731-441-2926

Western Wolf Husky Pack

Western Wolf Husky Pack
Marn Stupka
Provost AB

Malamute/Wolf Pups

Malamute/wolf Pups
Amy Glukowsky
HC 65 Box 92
Mt Zion wv 26151
Phone: 304 354 9510

King Wolf/Hybrids

Phone: 936-655-4051

Jindo Pups Rare

PA 18045
Phone: 646-299-4742

Howler Hybrid Wolves

Howler Hybrid Wolves
Paula Fowler
P.O.B. 1278
Northport Wa 99157
Phone: 509-732-4502

Akna K9 Academy

Akna K9 Academy
Racheal Bailey
113 Ipswich Close, Anstey Heights
Leicester UK LE4 1DP
Phone: 01162205792