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Highfield Russian Toys

Highfield Russian Toys
Scarlett King
42 1st avenue East
Grant Alabama 35747
Phone: 256.558.8444

Scarlett King, has been showing and breeding champion quality dogs for 38 years.She is the re-founder of the show quality Russian Toy here in the USA.She imported her very first Russian Toy as a show quality dog and he has gone on to become the most titled, and top winning Russian Toy in the USA! Scarlett requires that all companion Russian Toys be spayed or neutered as ONLY the very best and most healthy Russian Toys should be used as breeders to continue the next generations of Russian Toys. Her Motto is “Health,Temperament and Beauty can be achieved in perfection!She believes in making contracts with herself for each litter she plans. By sticking to this plan helps no just staying in the comfort zone of familiarity.Scarlett King is proud of her healthy Russian Toys and will share all health tests with anyone interested.

Toy Volgograd

Toy Volgograd
Diana Elisova
Druzhby 38
Volgograd, Russia 404127
Phone: +79608929697

We are Russian professional kennel owners who breed the unique Russkiy Toy Terrier. These dogs are cute and so small that you will wish to have more and more! This breed originated in Russia and is still rare in foreign counties. We are proud of the first foreign breeders who dare to begin breeding these beautiful tiny dogs. They will be successful because everyone is delighted when they see a Russkiy Toy Terrier! Good luck to all Russkiy Toy breeders in other countries! We are here to help you with the choice of a puppy, to offer professional advice and to give information about this wonderful breed!

Russian Toy

russian toy
salaspils 6, latvia
Phone: 371 26180622

Russian Toy Terrier Puppy

Russian Toy Terriers
Dianne Davis
Houston TX 77023
Phone: (713) 409-0064

Russian Toy Terrier Puppy’s For Sale

Russian Toy Terrier Puppy’s For Sale
Vaughn Auzenne
3789 Park Bvd
San Diego CA 92103
Phone: 619-321-9774
Fax: 619-295-5327

Puppies Russian Toy

Puppies Russian toy
N.Novgorod RF

Gbru Kennels

GBRU Kennels
Nadezhda Meyers
2445 Empire Avenue
Melbourne FL 32934-7577
Phone: 321-259-6251


Anki Larsson
9333 Lerwick Drive
Dublin OH 43017
Phone: 614-761-2684
Fax: none